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India is a Country of Agriculture.more than 70% population lives in villages. An Indian farmer more


Sarvashreshth Nidhi Limited was introduced to allow co-operatives to function as a corporate entity. Sarvashreshth Nidhi Limited is registered by the ministry of corporate affairs under the companies ACT,2013 and THE MAIN OBJECT TO BE PURSUED BY THE COMPANY ON ITS INCORPORATION ARE To enable producers at get insurance for themselves,Their family members,employees,and for their livestock,and other productive assets as also for thier primary produce and to promote the techniques of mutuallty and mutual assistance including thrift and savings among member under scheme of single/installments/regular interst recurring deposit scheme , payment system know as long term, mldterm, shortterm or regular interest income plan and to encouragesaving among members of the company under any schemes,likes savings recurring ,not being current account from members as allowed by law of land.


“To carry on the production ,procurement,storage,processing,packing, distibution,marketing, selling, establishing and trading of all dairy products.Asnd other allied products, seeds , fertilizers,pesticides, farm machineries and related extensions and consultancy sevices for ultimate benefits to the member of the company”.